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Margic bulb

our intelligent magic bulb makes  it possible for  you to stay  connected with light  after power out age.It  can take...

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our intelligent magic bulb makes  it possible for  you to stay  connected with light  after power out age.It  can take you up to 5-8 hours  and you can switch the bulb off and on .Our magic bulb is so convinient that you can use it as a cilling bulb and also as a touch light or even better for road side traders in the night.With its hanging ability,you can use it for road side  shops or for camping and crusade .

  • Home emergency bulb,Save 90% energy.Light body with aviation environmental protection PC material, excellent heat dissipation
  • ♦Finger touch type and portable .Work like a normal bulb and Control wall plug
  • ♦Long life up to 50000 Hrs .Built-in long polymer battery capacity high life
  • ♦High quality,High brightness.E27 lamp base, common and convenient. Optical PMA shade, light transmission rate of 95%
  • ♦military grade circuit intelligent control, intelligent and efficient, without changing any of the existing circuit, can be used to recharge your batteries, like usual, and other light switch lighting, lit when power themselves, 5-8 hours of continuous illumination


  • ♦1.Replace current household light bulb with the intello Light Bulb
    ♦2.Allow to charge between 5hrs and 10 hrs
    ♦3.Once fully charged,you are able to avoid load shedding up to 5 and 8 hrs
    ♦4.During load shedding or power interruption,the light bulb will remain on if already switched on (1sec delay)
    ♦5.Switch the Intello Light Bulb on or off as desired during load shedding
    ♦6.This product is not water proof
    ♦7.To use as a Glass light,add 3mm of water in a glass.Place the Intello Light Bulb silver contact into the 3mm of water and enjoy the benefits of having light a glass
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